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The legend of the Gordian Knot dates back to the time of Alexander the Great.  The phrase “Gordian Knot” is often used as a metaphor for a difficult, seemingly unsolvable problem.  


In 333 B.C. Alexander the Great encountered an oxcart tied to a post with a complicated knot that seemed to have no beginning and no end.  Legend had it that whoever solved the problem of the knot would rule all of Asia.  As his goal was to rule the world, this was a challenge he could not pass up. He studied the knot for several days and could find no way to untie it.  Asking “Does it matter how I solve the problem?” he drew his sword and cut the knot, exposing the ends required to untie the knot. 


That night there was a great storm and the prophets took it as a sign that Zeus was pleased.  Alexander went on to rule not only Asia, but much of the world. 


The saying “To cut the Gordian Knot” came to mean solving a difficult problem with a bold stroke.  At GORDIAN Design & Construction our goal is to help solve your difficult problems.

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