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The Design-Build Method

The design-build method of delivery has been used successfully for centuries.  In the last few decades design-build has become the preferred method of delivery for approximately half of all non-residential construction.  Bringing a Design-Builder onto your team before you begin to make critical decisions will not only save you time and money, but the process will be more seamless and almost always results in a better solution if you pick the right design-builder.  Architects know design, contractors know costs.  Design-builders know both.  There are clear advantages to this delivery method:


  • Single source responsibility - no finger pointing, no passing the buck, fewer change orders


  • Less Risk - a firm cost commitment much earlier in the process reduces your risk of budget overruns necessitating re-design


  • Lower costs - through continuous cost evaluation throughout the process, especially early in the design process


  • Faster delivery - a more efficient process saves time and money


  • Better value - the integrated process helps insure a good value for your investment

Let us show you how the design-build process can not only save you money and time, but also to give you a better facility and more value for your money.

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